Westminster International School In Tashkent

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Westminster International School In Tashkent

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Welcome to Westminster International School in Tashkent (WIST) The school was founded by a group of socially responsive Entrepreneurs and initially supported by the long-established and highly-respected Westminster International University in Tashkent(WIUT). WIST strives to: be a centre of excellence within Central Asia for internationally accredited school education and be internationally recognised as one of the leading independent schools in the region and has a vision to provide an education that prepares students to take their places in a complex world where it is difficult to predict the nature of work and be recognised for its engagement with the development of social well-being and value creation of society as a wholebe recognised for its engagement with the development of social well-being and value creation of society as Our philosophy or teaching and learning is to excite and challenge young learners, fostering natural curiosity, a love of learning and a positive sense of belonging to our school. In so doing WIST will: be recognised for it’s educational excellence through the performance of its students and staff be recognised for its holistic and inclusive education The goal is to: produce the leaders of tomorrow who will go on to benefit Uzbekistan and the wider world in a positive and caring way. Our campus was designed as a purpose built school. From the ground up the campus reflects the needs of the education of children in a stimulating and safe environment. It is a world-class learning environment equipped with spacious classrooms, a powerful ICT capability, art, science, computing and robotics suites, a 600-seat theatre, a full-size gym, two swimming pools, a full-size football pitch and large outdoor play areas. It Is located in a green and accessible area of Tashkent with safe and convenient access. WIST not only stands out because of its campus but also for the staff and children who are engaged on its campus We look forward to welcoming you! Mr Alan P France OBE, Principal

ул. Бойкент, 32

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В Узбекистане впервые составили рейтинг общеобразовательных школ. Для этого были задействованы почти 1000 школ по стране, сообщает пресс-служба Государственной инспекции по надзору за качеством образования при Кабинете Министров Республики Узбекистан.

Молодые узбекистанские ученые Бунёд Зарипов и Улмас Зоиров разработали «инновационную трость» для людей с проблемами зрения и слуха.

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